New high speed networks (and cool new phones) rolling out from T-Mobile.

It’s an exciting time to be a cell phone user, and it’s great to be here in the center of all the action at

T-Mobile is officially rolling out their high speed HSPA+ in over 100 cities this year. So far it has been spreading around Philadelphia, New York City, DC and LA will be coming soon. Netbook manufacturers are jumping in on the action and making HSPA+ compatible netbooks.

The HSPA+ technology is quite amazing because it will make phone download speeds 21MbPS which is much faster then most people’s home internet connectio. It should be fast enough to stream HD video, or let a phone tether to a computer for gaming without any lag.

Cell2get has the HTC HD2 in stock

The HTC HD2 - Ultra powerful smart phone

One of the first phones (and by far the most impressive) to be compatible with th

is network is the HTC HD2 (in stock NOW at!) The HTC HD2 is more than powerful enough to handle the vast amounts of data thrown at it. The 1ghz processor easily tackles HD video, Games, and social networking apps as well as email, and the included 16gb SD card should allow for ample music and photo storage.

After getting a feel for the HD2 it’s easy to fall in love with this sleek phone.

For $10 off use coupon code “10toget”

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